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The Little Farm at Lake Willoughby Vermont Wedding – Tina and Bill

Tina & Bill married on a summery July day at The Little Farm at Willoughby. “We chose this venue because it had the most breath taking view. I grew up on Lake Willoughby, and being able to see the lake with the mountains behind it was a reflection of the love I share for my hometown, my family and my husband. It meant so much to me to have all of the people we love in the place that we love. We wanted to combine the city chic with rustic charm.” – Tina










“I think the most memorable part of the day for me was our first look. The first look that your husband gives you – seeing you in your wedding dress for the first time – that’s a moment that I think every bride dreams of her entire life. You just want it to be pure genuine love, and that’s exactly what I felt. His face said it all and the emotions of it were so true. I felt pure happiness. That will be one of my favorite moments forever.” – Tina








Tina & Bill had their ceremony in a field overlooking Lake Willoughby, with a harpist cueing the beginning of the ceremony.





After a quick bustling of the dress – it was time to celebrate!



“One of the most special moments of the day for me was right before the speeches. For a quick backstory, my maternal grandmother passed away when I was 16, and we were very close. She was so in love with hummingbirds and always said that she would come back as one someday. Right before the speeches at our wedding, a hummingbird flew into the tent to the head table and looked right at me before flying over to my mother’s table. My mom, my aunt, and I all saw it at the same time, gasped, and yelled “HUMMINGBIRD!!” It was the little piece of evidence that we needed to know that she was really there with us. It made our day.” – Tina



“Our day was perfectly imperfect. From feeling like a walking bug net, my flowers falling out of my hair, sweating in places I didn’t know were possible… It was an absolutely perfect day. And my poor mother had been “playing defense” all day trying to protect my dress from bugs, grass shavings, dirt, people carrying drinks, you name it, and then she was ultimately the one that dumped red wine all down the front of my dress. The thing was, though, I didn’t even care. If you had asked me before the wedding what my reaction would be to red wine on my dress, my eyes would bug out and I would have said “Oh no, that can’t happen. Anything but that!” When it happened, though, it didn’t phase me or my husband. Nothing could ruin our day. It was just absolutely perfect.

My advice would to be take your time with the planning. Knock a few things off the list here and there. If you wait until the last minute, you’re going to forget something and more things are likely to go wrong. Things never go as planned anyway and that’s absolutely okay. The day will be perfect no matter what.” – Tina

ByDesign Films did a great job documenting the day, so here’s an extra treat for you to view!

Venue: The Little Farm at Willoughby  // Catering: Vermont Pie and Pasta //  Cupcakes: My Little Cupcake // Band: Evansville Transit Authority // Videographer: By Design Films  // Rings: Precious Metals // Dress Designer: Essence of Australia // Shoes: Toms // Hair: Brittany McAllister // Bridesmaids: Nordstrom // Groom Suit: Men’s Wearhouse


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