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8 Steps for How to Mindfully View Your Wedding Gallery Photographs

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You’ve just received that email you’ve been waiting for – the link to all your wedding photographs! But before you open that link to view the full gallery on your phone, here is a guide for the best way to mindfully view your wedding gallery.

  1. View on a large screen. I promise this will be a much better experience on your computer, laptop or you can even screen share to your TV!

  2. Tidy up. Before you start viewing the gallery, clear the area of any untidiness.

  3. Light candles. Bring some romance to this moment!

  4. Turn off your phones. Reliving your wedding day can be a very intimate and emotional moment, so give yourself the time to soak it all in, without any interruptions.

  5. Listen to a romantic playlist. Put on your favorite tunes and get in the mood!

  6. Pour a yummy beverage. Whatever brings more mindfulness to this moment – it could be opening that bottle of champagne, a special cocktail, a warm tea or coffee!

  7. Sit with your partner. Yes, wait to view the full gallery together. I know it’s tempting to open it right away, but it’s worth having this experience with your favorite person.

  8. Enjoy looking at each photograph and revel in the memories! Open up your gallery and view each image individually. There are a lot of photographs, so this will help you focus on one moment at a time.

Of course, you can add your own twist to this. You can make a special meal, or even get back in your wedding outfits! Whatever brings more joy to the moment. Let me know your favorite way to view the images in the comments below!

Wondering if you should get an album?  I have all the information here!

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