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Wedding Albums


Yes. You should enjoy your wedding photographs and remember all those amazing moments through a gorgeous, heirloom album – not just as your phone background or on a massive online gallery. You shouldn’t need an internet connection to view your wedding photographs.

There are moments and conversations with family, friends, and future generations that happen around physical wedding albums that just don’t happen when you login to an online gallery or post images on social media. These experiences run deep when you are holding memories in your hands. Curling up together with a beverage and a hard-bound book honoring your wedding, moving through the day at your own pace, and remembering all the magic, is what albums are all about.

“Looking through our wedding album felt like we got to relive the day in slow motion, savoring every part. We could linger over the poem my dad read, the toasts, the cake my friend cut for us while all the kids crowded around, the song my mother-in-law performed, the joyful chaos of the dance floor. The album helps all our memories of that day feel brighter and sharper.” – Catherine & Jesse


What is the design process like?

Each album is unique to the couple. I personally design the entire layout to tell the story of your wedding day. Once I receive your order, I will sit down and look through all your photographs and design an album that tells the story of the day. I’ll share the design through a program where you can easily leave feedback and requests. Three revisions are included in the price of the album, beyond that moves to an additional hourly rate. Everything is expertly printed and custom made.

What size is a wedding album?

Albums are hardcover and 10 x 10. The photographs are printed on gorgeous, thick paper that lays flat, ensuring that the images are displayed without warping and in beautiful color tones. Each album is one-of-a-kind.

What kind of text can I include on the album?

On the front of the album, I often emboss the names of the couple, the date and location of the celebration, and an abbreviated version of this on the spine. There’s a lot of customization available for the front cover and spine, so we can talk about what feels right for you.

What kind of covers styles are there?

I offer leather, velvet, and book cloth covers.

How long does it take until the wedding album is delivered?

Once I get started on the design, it’s usually around 6 weeks until your album is in your hands.

Can I order multiple copies?

Yes. I actually offer copy albums at a lower rate.

Can I add an album to my wedding package?

Yes. Just send me a note and I’ll add the album!

“Our family went through a lot of loss in the year that followed our wedding, and it is an incredible gift to have a book that we can always open to see people we love and miss, captured in a moment of joy and celebration.” – Catherine & Jesse


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