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Thirst Coconut Water


Thirst Coconut Water is based in Burlington, Vermont and produces one of the most refreshing beverages around! I actually drank this coconut water the morning after our wedding, when I was feeling a bit depleted after staying up into the small hours of the morning, and it absolutely revived me! The mission of the founders is to “offer a premium pure coconut water product that tastes just like the water you drink directly from the coconut.” – Gui

This coconut water comes frozen instead of pasteurized, has no preservatives or additives. Simply thaw the coconut water when you’re ready to drink it.

The founders, Gui & Liz, met in Brazil. “After a few years living in Brazil together, we decided to move to Vermont where I’m from. We got into a habit of running on the bike path in Burlington which reminded us of the bike path in Rio along the ocean, with one exception. In Rio, we would always bring 5 R$ to treat ourselves to fresh coconut water straight out of the coconut. We started trying all of the boxed and bottled coconut waters in the stores here and realized none of them actually tasted like the refreshing coconut water we were used to in Brazil. We wanted Vermonters to know what coconut water truly tastes like. We shipped fresh young green coconuts from Florida up to Vermont in the summer of 2019, bottling them, and selling the fresh water at a small storefront along the bike path. Now, we get our coconut water from Brazil and freeze it the day it is harvested so it maintains the thirst quenching delicious qualities we love so much about it!” – Liz

 You can find Thirst Coconut Water at select stores in Burlington, Vermont and order directly from the website. I highly recommend this tasty treat!

You might recognize one of the models, Gussie, from this Elegant Lake Champlain Wedding.

Photographer: Julia Luckett Photography // Models: Gussie Belisle, Kendra Wilkins // Coconut Water: Thirst Coconut Water

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