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Blossoming Bough Floral Anniversary Session in Vermont – Eva and Elye


This anniversary session was on a warm June day at Eva & Elye’s home in Craftsbury Common, Vermont.

“We decided to have Julia come to our home and photograph us as a 5th anniversary gift to each other, it was very exciting and special. It was great to have something to really dress up for, too! And, I must admit I was quite pleased to be able to fit into and look great in my wedding dress still.” – Eva

You might recognize Eva as the owner and designer of Blossoming Bough. Eva and I have worked together many times – including Angel & Justin’s Boho Elopement, Katy & Andrew’s Summer Wedding, Romantic Spring Elopement Inspiration – and I love her floral designs! This seemed like a wonderful opportunity to document Eva in her garden and designing florals for their anniversary session.

“I find my inspiration in nature– both in the wild woods and fields, and out in my garden. Ideas for color combinations and play of textures and shapes often come from chance juxtapositions of different plants at various life stages, that I see when I’m working in the garden or walking in the woods. Often, flowers I grow will show me how to combine them in an arrangement just by displaying interesting color variations– I especially love flowers or foliage with gradations of colors, which can blend together all the different tones of those colors used in one arrangement.

I usually plan bouquets and other designs by imagining what flowers and foliage to use way in advance, which involves (unromatically) coming up with “stem counts” as most florists do to ensure they harvest or purchase enough flowers. So sometimes a bouquet is done when it has used up the materials I’ve set aside for it, but almost always I end up feeling it needs just a few more things– often ingredients that blend the existing colors together, or a few more varying textures that really make the bouquet stand out as a unique, artistic creation.” – Eva

I asked Eva what advice she would offer couples who are thinking about the florals for their wedding.

“Start with the season you’re getting married. Which of your favorite colors fit that season? Do you know any flowers grown in New England, that will be in bloom around the time of your wedding?

Ask a florist what blooms are actually in season at the time of your wedding. Locally grown flowers are super seasonal and truly amazing in quality, so being open to what’s available locally at your wedding time will really bring your flowers up several notches from the expected.

Find some pictures of floral designs you love, and ask a florist how they might interpret those inspiration pictures with ingredients that are in season.

Think about whether you have any favorite flowers or trees. These are wonderful to incorporate into your wedding designs if they are available at the right time of year!

Be open to the floral designer creating unique art for you, using the style they do best.” – Eva

I had a fantastic day wandering around the wild woods and gardens with these two lovebirds.





“I think my favorite thing about Julia’s art and skill is how real, but simultaneously ethereal and romantic her images are, which is a style I adore and seek to express in my own work, clothing, and life. Julia is such a lovely, kind, friendly person, and has the remarkable ability to take excellent photographs while carrying on a conversation– which really impressed me, knowing how much thought goes into composing beautiful images. And, she’s very flexible and affirming about all kinds of ideas, which as a fellow artist, I appreciate so much.” – Eva

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