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Newborn Family Session with Nate and Amanda

I joined Amanda & Nate at the hospital the day their child, Satori Moon James Meloney, was born into this world. Amanda is a doula (Shanti Mama Wellness), and the original plan was for me to photograph her home birth along with her doulas – which we were all very excited about. Things did not go as planned, but mother and child were both healthy when I arrive at the hospital.

“Giving birth is like stepping off a cliff; trusting there will be something to break your fall. My birth in no way, went the way I planned. I mourn the experience I did not have and to be honest, am having a hard time reconciling the fantasized vs. the real outcome. But this is part of the medicine I need to learn. As a birthworker I feel like I have seen it all. 

I honor my loss and I celebrate my ability to recognize my grief. I’m finding it helpful to share my story with those I trust – those who will honor my feelings of loss. I’m falling more and more in love with this magical being every day and that is certainly some of the best medicine. His arrival was primal, swift and rocked me to my core.” – Amanda

As I was not able to be present for the birth, we planned an extended family portrait session at their home in Charlotte with their son and Amanda’s mother. The lilac’s were in bloom and the family was overjoyed with their newest edition to the family. 

“To be with him in this quiet space has been an expansive and amazing gift. Time has stood still since he came into our lives.” – Amanda

I’m so happy for this beautiful family! 



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