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Portrait Session with Kelsey Bradley

Kelsey Bradley recently returned from Cameroon, where she completed the first architecture project of her nonprofit Design Cause. Design Cause “helps communities in need address infrastructural problems with architectural design.” In Cameroon she designed and organized the building of four classrooms for a secondary school in the rural northern province.  

Photographs by Design Cause Inc

Photographs by Design Cause Inc

The inaugural project was a great success, although it wasn’t easy. “I was desperately searching for help along the way. It didn’t matter where I turned though there was no practical, viable advice out there for new nonprofit leaders.” 

Born out of this experience, Kelsey has started a new business to help others start their own nonnprofit. “I work one-on-one with new and small nonprofit leaders to help them get their organizations on track to success. I also started a blog, termed the help hub, which focuses on providing practical advice on fundraising, running, and growing new and small nonprofits. An important part of this new venture is building a community of nonprofit leaders who feel ignored and alone in their mission to positively impact the world.”

As a bit of a one-woman-show myself, Kelsey’s story, while different than my own, is one that I connect with closely. It was great to create photographs that will help share her inspiring story. 

Learn more about Kelsey’s work here!

Photograph by Amira Silverman

Photograph by Amira Silverman

Special thanks to Amira Silverman and Claudia Mucklow for your collaboration in this photo session!

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