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Romantic York, Maine Wedding ~ Kate & Garrett

Kate & Garrett married on a June day at the York Golf and Tennis Club in seaside York, ME. The couple chose to get married in Kate’s hometown, which is quintessential Maine. “We both love Maine, visit often, and are hoping for a more permanent return there a little ways down the road.” 

They tied the knot at The First Parish Church, which proved to be a beautiful ceremony that brought just about everyone to tears (including me).

“I felt a sense of calm that I did not expect to feel on our wedding day. I was nervous to have all eyes on me for sure, but I was so happy to be surrounded by our wonderful families and so excited & comforted to be marrying Garrett that I wasn’t really anxious about anything. I was definitely expecting to be a weepy mess during the ceremony, and got pretty emotional just thinking about it ahead of time. But when I took Garrett’s arm at the altar and saw & felt how emotional he was, all I felt was this need to support him. That was a solidifying moment for me – Garrett has been my rock through so much, and there I knew that I would be able to be a rock for him too as we go through life. ” – Kate

“The most emotional part of the wedding for me was waiting in the front of the church once the music started playing. I was so happy and thankful for not only my wife, but also my family and friends. Everyone there has helped shape me into the person I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful.” – Garrett

Kate & Garrett and I attended Skidmore College together, and I even studied abroad with Kate in Florence, Italy – so being there to capture this moment was really powerful. Moments like these are why I love photographing weddings.  

“One of the other most emotional parts of our wedding was going through the photos! The day went by so fast, just like everyone said it would, and there were so many little moments we missed. Looking back at pictures of all the people we love – dancing, smiling & reconnecting with each other – made me happy-cry on and off for a whole day! I have never felt so much love from or for the people in my life.” – Kate

Wishing only the best of this sweet couple. Also, Kate is a wildly talented painter and you should check out her work! I have one of her pieces in my home and I love it. 

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