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Gang of Thieves on the Work Together Tour

Funk-rock band the Gang of Thieves are currently galavanting across the US on their Work Together tour. This tour is particularly ambitious, as they will be visiting over 40 cities and volunteering in each one.

Tobin agreed, “It’s definitely one of the longest tours we’ve done. It’s also one of the most active and fulfilling because of all the volunteer work we have been doing.  It has been really great to connect with the communities we are playing in. 

 Volunteering in each city has been such a great experience.  It’s awesome to be doing something that makes a difference in these communities in between our shows.  So far we’ve helped out at numerous food banks, a Habitat for Humanity Site, and an Animal shelter.  At Habitat for Humanity we had a blast helping build homes for those in need, we could really see the impact our work would make on their life.  That being said, we’d be lying if we didn’t say that hanging out with a bunch of cute little cats and dogs at the Richmond Animal League was our favorite experience.”

I would highly recommend following the band on Instagram, as you get a behind the scenes look into their life on the road and, most importantly, a lot of photos of various band members playing with puppies at shelters!

Cheers to these amazing men who are spreading love through Rock n Roll and volunteering while on the road.

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