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Women’s March in Boston

On January 21, 2017, along with 175,000 others in Boston, and an estimated 3.6 to 4.6 million worldwide, I participated in the Women’s March.  The city was so crowded with protesters, that public transportation was unable to fill the demand, and my friends and I had to walk 4 miles from Somerville to downtown Boston. By the time we were 1.5 miles away from the beginning of the march, we were already surrounded by hundreds of fellow protesters and formed a pre-march procession.

This was second march I’ve attended in Boston, the first being the Black Lives Matter march on November 25, 2014 where we marched onto the highway and arrived at a local jail, the Suffolk County House of Correction. Inmates cheered us on as we shouted “we see you.”

Both marches I’ve attended in Boston were peaceful, uplifting, and respectful.

Perhaps the best way for me to explain my perspective on the Women’s March is to quote some of my favorite protest signs. 

Girls Just Want to Have Fun-Damental Rights // My Birth Control Will Outlast Your Presidency // Smash the Patriarchy // Stronger Together // Hitler Was Elected Too // I’m Not Usually a Sign Guy But Geez // Trump’s Lies Matter // So Bad, Even Introverts are Here // The Future is Nasty // I’ve Seen Better Cabinets at IKEA // Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate; Only Love Can Do That // We Go High

If you are curious, furious or eager to have a discussion about why I was moved to attend these marches, you can comment on this post or email me directly at

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