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3,800 Miles: West American Road Trip

Cool, dark forests lead to baking hot dunes marked with shifting footprints, the temperature begins to drop as we hike continually upward and find feet of snow on the trail, the just-audible sound of swallows swoop overhead as the sun sets red behind distant mountains, and blue shadows creep across a deep canyon. Gas stations with the same salty snacks, drive-thru espresso shacks, street signs and open maps, a double yellow line that leads forward and people who make me smile. Around 3,800 miles and it was awesome.

My partner, Nick, and I have long wanted to go on the quintessential American road trip, and for the first time in all our years together, we saw a 22 day window and knew this was a moment to be enjoyed. A few days after moving from Boston to Vermont, we left our new home and flew to Seattle, rented a car, and drove a winding, scenic-seeking route to Phoenix. We experienced the majesty of the Redwoods, the wildness of the West, the overpopulation of the biggest national parks, unbelievable heat in Arizona, sweet campsites & sad campsites, and spent time with incredible people along the way. What a treat. 

Special thank you to our friends: Jesse Youngmann, Semira Menghes, Butch Goette, Callison Stratton, Conrad Dean, Alice Slack, Maddie Slack, and Akheil Singla. Thank you for the sushi, beer, bed, hike, stories, recommendation, cake and hot showers along the way!

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  1. Callison says:

    In love with all of these. Thanks for the visit and the pictures and the love!

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