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Traveling to Mexico + Guatemala was Amazing

My visit to Mexico + Guatemala with Food 4 Farmers was one full of inspiring stories, suiting up to visit bee hives, marveling at the natural beauty of the landscape, visiting families in their homes, walking through cities with my two companions Marcela & Luis, informational workshops, tasting the variety of honey products produced by farmers, and, of course, so many photographs. The photographs here are a small sample of the work I created on this trip, and I’m so excited to share stories and observations from this exceptional trip. It was heartwarming to meet so many farmers and their families who are excited about their future and feel confident about their work. Once again, people welcomed me into their homes and lives with great generosity. 

Marcela Pino and Luis Cabrera from Food 4 Farmers were wonderful to travel with, I felt very lucky to have them by my side throughout this trip.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without my AMAZING FANTASTIC ALL STAR sponsors:

Jerry Greenfield & Elizabeth Skarie, Jim Howe, Dan Cox, Don & Lisa & Taylor Barberio, Michael Gunson, Kevin Casey & Molly O’Reilly, Jon & Nancy Wettstein, Nigel & Claudia Mucklow, Tim Stotz, David & Laura Stiller, Judy Maclsaac Robertson, Joyce Stowell, Brenda Vinson, John Broscious, Lori E Rowe, Mike Pelchar, Alan Newman, Patty & Paul Winberg, Emma Dodge Hanson, Nick Pierce, Sara Kassel, Thato Ratsbe, Hina Rizvi & Sebastien Vignola, Karen Flewelling, Caitlin Hoey & Dan Flynn, Peter Kassel & Carol Irish, Marcela Pino, Jocelyn & Colin Burgess, Lee Blanchard, Josh & Leslie Pierce, Spencer Turer, Mary Hamilton, Russell Kramer,  Linda Kramer, Willie Crosby & Sarah Berquist, Eleanor Cox, Jennifer Britton, Rob Zilinyi, Georgia Landman, Sarah Roscher, Adriana Comtois & Anonymous Donors

Thanks a million. More stories coming soon.

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