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Robert & Jennifer at the Cloisters & Bronx Botanical Gardens

Robert & Jennifer chose two gorgeous locations for their engagement session. We started at the Cloisters Museum and Gardens in Northern Manhattan and then enjoyed the varying environments at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. There were so many wonderful spaces to create photographs, it was a visual feast for me and my camera. 

I asked Jennifer if there was a moment when she knew Robert was the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. 

“We were sitting in a bar near school where we had met up to get a quick drink at the end of the day, and suddenly it was 2am. We had been talking for hours and had no idea that it had gotten so late. Robert had a test the next morning, but we were both completely absorbed in the conversation. It was sometime during that conversation when I first had the thought, is this what it feels like when you are talking to “the one”?”

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