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Car Talk with Akheil Singla

I recently had the opportunity to work with my good friend Akheil Singla.  Akheil studies public financial management, meaning that he is interested in giving policy makers at all levels of government the tools to better manage the finances of government. “I’m trying to develop ways to identify crises like Detroit, Stockton, and San Bernardino before they’re crises.” 

Akheil is a Doctoral Candidate and Instructor at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at Ohio State.  In our conversations about public financial management I found myself wishing I could take his class. When I asked Akheil what his favorite part of teaching was, he gave an excellent response,

“The best part of teaching in public affairs is that, even if my research is ignored, I can make a difference by helping to educate the people who will be making decisions down the road. That’s both an extraordinary opportunity and a sobering responsibility, because what I say in the classroom might matter more than anything I ever write.”

Definitely someone you want in the classroom educating future leaders. He made me reflect on my own work, and maybe it makes you think about your craft to: How is the work I do impactful? Can you control the effects of the work you make or create, and if so, to what degree?  

Big questions, but I’m pleased with his portrait and I hope it captures some of the intensity of his mind and warm personality.

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