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A Day in the Life with Fungi Ally

Fungi Ally is a company based in North Amherst, MA specializing locally grown mushrooms. I spent a day with Willie Crosby, Dylan Kessler and Sarah Berquist, learning about their amazing fungi.

“Mushrooms as decomposers offer a great opportunity to grow amazing food while using resources that people don’t want like sawdust from mills, or logs from foresters, or coffee grounds from coffee shops. Part of what drew me to fungi is the mystery associated around the kingdom. Not many people understand the critical role fungi play in our ecosystems and the potential benefits mushrooms can provide. What really intrigued me about this kingdom is not only their ability to provide food for humans but their role in medicine and remediation. Our name Fungi Ally comes from the idea that by allying with fungi we can improve our personal and ecological health. 

What has really surprised me about this business is how excited and hungry people are for more information about mushrooms. The education aspect, teaching at umass and conducting workshops has thrived and people really enjoy learning all about mushrooms! My hope is this trend continues and people keep working to incorporate mushrooms into our systems, transforming waste into life!” – Willie Crosby

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