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Traveling can be helpful to think outside of the box. I often find that as I am brainstorming a location for a photoshoot, I am going off a short list, and things start to gain a similar quality. I wanted to create something with an unconventional composition and a different color scheme that I normally gravitate towards. Having access to a pool while I was in Culebra provided me with a perfect opportunity to explore a different scene.


I suppose this self portrait has to do with floating in between different paths. I wanted to create an image that was based on a feeling, rather than a specific moment. The feeling right after you’ve made a choice, and now you are waiting for the response.


I’m torn between which image is strongest, I am leaning towards one of these last two photographs to add to Anisocoria.


Shooting this was difficult. I had to set up my camera and equipment very carefully, as I needed the camera to be looking almost directly down on the water, which meant my tripod was literally right next to the edge of the pool. I was also in the water during this shoot, so once I had my settings, metering, timer and knew generally where the frame was in the water, I didn’t check my images. Normally I fuss with the composition a fair amount, but I felt it would not be a great idea to do this so close to the water. I also tried using a bunch of props while in the water, but they did not work at all so I decided not to include any of those images.

Part of my inspiration to make this image came from Blue is the Warmest Color, a french film directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, staring Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos. An incredibly intimate love story, this is absolutely one of my favorite films on love & relationships. There are many moments that stuck with me from this film, but there is one shot, in which we observe Adele float in a blue ocean for several minutes, that felt significant to me.



Check back soon for another photoshoot from Culebra!

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