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Audrey is a fascinating, incredibly caring and talented person, and I was so lucky to become friends with her at Skidmore, and we ended up living together our senior year. I wanted to interview Audrey for this project because I knew, even though we became very close senior year, I had not heard all of her stories and she had a unique upbringing and outlook on life.


Early in her adolescence, her father was diagnosed with MS, which meant as Audrey and her sisters were going through high school and college, their father was going through a very different transformation. She shared a lot of heartbreaking stories with me, but one that struck me was when her father had been recently diagnosed, and it was time to tell her grandmother about his condition. Audrey and her sisters where listening to her parents tell her grandmother that her father had MS.

Some of the other stories Audrey shared with me focused on her discovery of her sexual identity, which you can read about on her fascinating blog, Everyone is Straight Until They’re Not. I wanted to include some of her story in coming out of the closet as well as her experience of listening in on a conversation, and that is how I arrived at these images.


At the moment I’m not sure which of the three images above I will include in the series, I like all three for very different reasons. A decision for another day I think! It was such a pleasure to work with Audrey and spend a little time with such a wonderful lady.


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