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Sky & Anna: 4am after a Long Night

As part of my photography series I have been interviewing some of my friends about some of the crux moments in their lives. A moment in which an event or a realization occurs, and you can’t go back to the person you were the day before. Skylar and Anna shared a really beautiful moment of their’s with me, and I re-interpreted it into this scene and stuck myself into it! To show you a bit of the process, I thought I’d include the shots I took while setting up the scene.

1. Clear the space.


2. Make the space what you need (in this case, the left overs of a party).


2. Now get your friends into their appropriate costumes.


3. Make sure everyone fits into the composition. And looks nice and awkward.


6. Wait for the light you need and also set up any lights you have. Shoot until the magic happens.


The intention behind the design of this image is to show two different stories happening after experiencing (generally) the same night. We have three people who have just spent their night dancing and sharing stories and being free. But now the blue light of 4am has arrived and it’s all winding down. Some of us are exhausted, in a state of emotional disarray, and others are having a genuine connection.

It was so great to interview Sky and Anna and add their story to my photography series. They are a bundle of fun and did a wonderful job in this shoot. You can read more about how amazing Sky and Anna are in my last blogpost and see photos from another photoshoot with them!

More photo adventures soon! And, of course, let me know what you think.

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  1. auddity says:

    love it. i love the idea, the execution, and the final product. can’t wait to see more!

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