“I love the memory of the moment we snuck away from everything and walked back to the platform in the vines where we had stood hours before during our ceremony. We sat on the platform and just watched the crowd inside–the lights changing colors, the people dancing, the fire pit embers burning down–I’m grateful that we took the time to sit and really soak it all up before the night was over, because it does go by in a flash. Someone came outside and as they opened the door, we heard the DJ announce the last dance–so we went sprinting back inside to catch that last song with our people. It was the perfect end to the night.” – Dani


Dani & Nate held their rehearsal dinner at a private home in Stonington, Connecticut the night before their July wedding. The light was stunning as it streamed through the trees, lighting up the fields and scenery. The catering by 85th Day Food Community was incredible, featuring all local ingredients and a clambake dinner that sent me right to heaven. Toasts and gifts were given at dinner and this intimate evening was a great way to spend quality time with those key people before the big event.



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