“We both felt this natural, romantic draw to revisit our vows. It was the first time since our private vow reading on the wedding day that we’d recited them to each other. The unexpected delight was how we had already blurred certain details – revisiting in this intimate setting was the perfect moment and place to do so, and I’ll never forget it.” – Nick


Bride holding her dog who has a GoPro on him

Zhivago is a 13lb rescue dog from Costa Rica – he is incredibly friendly, energetic and adventurous! We borrowed a GoPro from my cousins Stephen & Alix Bower and had Zhivago record our wedding ceremony. We figured the video he would record could really be anything – I might mess up the settings, everything could be upside down or be video of someone’s shoes, etc – but we were totally blown away by the fantastic and hilarious footage he captured!


On Saturday, June 22, 2019, Nick and I married on the solstice in South Hero, Vermont. This place is very close to our hearts, and I was honored to stand on the same timeless rocks and shoreline that my parents, and many other family members exchanged their vows on. Just a few days earlier, a huge storm had come through the area and knocked down trees and the lawn was collecting puddles. Thanks to the help of more than a few people, everything pulled together and we had a wonderful windy, sunny day.



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