“We started our day off right with Brunch at a lovely little cafe. We talked about our new favorite places around the neighborhood and what we should do for our birthdays as they were fast approaching. After satisfying our belly’s, we headed off to the city to see Waitress. We got to the theater and we’re inundated with Pies before the show started. We realized that pie had now become something that we would have to have after the show. The show was beautiful, filled with moving lyrics and and a beautiful story. Callison was weeping  by intermission, and by the end we were inspired and very emotional. I then did my best to not ride any suspicions and get Callison back to Brooklyn before the the botanic garden closed. We barely made it before they closed the gates. We strolled our way through the gardens taking in the fall foliage till we found a nice spot by a pond. I got down on one knee and said some things that came to heart. She said yes! And proceeded to call everyone she could think of as I casually suggested that we go back to her parents apartment to pick up a package that we had been expecting. Little did she know I had planned a surprise party for her with many of her close friends. She had no idea. We partied into the evening and she kept looking at her ring saying something like, ”it’s so pretty”!” – Conrad



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