A week from now I am so thrilled to embark on another trip with non-profit Food 4 Farmers, traveling to Mexico + Guatemala! Food 4 Farmers works in coffee communities to find constructive solutions to seasonal hunger for coffee farmers and their families. In 2013 I traveled to Nicaragua with co-founder Marcela Pino and was able to document and learn about their work with coffee co-op SOPPEXCCA, and see the beginning stages of their program. This time I’ll be entering a later step in the process, visiting communities in Mexico + Guatemala that have been working with Food 4 Farmers for several years, and will be able to observe some of the ways this has impacted their daily lives. 


This blog has largely been dedicated to art – art that I have observed, created, been inspired by, and anything that I have truly connected with. It has been a cataloguing of my artistic life. I rarely include much writing in my posts, as I am not a writer, but a visual person. Nevertheless, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the role of art in the past year of my life, particularly because it has proved to be one of the larger players and influenced some of my biggest decisions.



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