“To us, marriage does not have a specific meaning, it’s more of the result of love and hard work. To not just support each other through life’s challenges, but to help evolve to be a better person every day. And with that, our love for each other grows.  Marriage has an infinite amount of sides; from quirky situations to feeling like a child and an adult at the same time. After being best friends for over five years, we have shared every side imaginable. We can’t wait to go through even more the wonderful and weird sides of marriage.” – Jocelyn & Colin


Spring has begun to settle in the city, and to us creative types that means the outside world has once again become a bearable workspace! I photographed the charming Caitlin Hoey up and down stairwells, elevators, bridges and buildings with a mask, a scorpion lollipop and sparklers. From the Boston Public Library through Back Bay up to Beacon Hill, we worked until the sunset across the Charles River and dusk fell across the city.  



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