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Food 4 Farmers: Gallery Opening & A Trip to Mexico + Guatemala

On Friday, April 1st I will be hosting a Gallery Opening event at Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea in downtown Burlington, VT where my documentary Food 4 Farmers photographs are on display. Food 4 Farmers is a non-profit that works with coffee communities in Latin America to address the problem of chronic seasonal hunger. This exhibit offers a window into the daily lives of Nicaraguan coffee farmers and the powerful impact of their work. 

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A Day in the Life with Ben & Jerry on the Campaign for Bernie Sanders in Boston

After a morning of interviews, Ben & Jerry held the world premiere of the “Bernie’s Yearning Sundae” on Boston’s own Newbury Street.  Outside of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream store, a large crowd gathered to sample the treat and show their support for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  The sundae is vanilla ice cream topped with a chocolate disk, meant to symbolize the concentration of wealth among the country’s highest earners.  To eat the sundae, you need to smash the chocolate disk and mix it into the ice cream, a delicious metaphor. Boston’s Metro newspaper announced the event, and used one my my images!

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A Day in the Life with Ben & Jerry on the Bernie Sanders Campaign in New Hampshire

"Ben and I have been constituents of Bernie for about 30 years. We've seen him first hand in action and he's been steadfast in working for veterans, students, seniors, and working class families. He's the only one who tells the truth about how our economy works.  The system is rigged to the advantage of the super wealthy and corporations. And he's the only one who is willing to take them on." - Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's

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Roadside Chats & Underwater Photographs in Culebra, PR

A few photographs from my recent trip to Culebra, PR. I finally had the chance to use my underwater camera rig and see what that felt like (very difficult), and I am happy with the results. It's always good to attempt your craft in an entirely new way, and it was exciting to learn about light and motion through water. Included are some images of the kind locals I met and a bit of the island scenery.

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On the Long Trail: Camels Hump to Taylor Lodge

Growing up in northern Vermont, the Long Trail was a constant presence in my life.  Friends and parents of friends would share their stories of hiking the trail. Looking at the horizon, I could trace its winding path. Like many Vermonters, I am familiar with overnight hiking trips and what the weight of a 40 pound backpack feels like (terrible), but I never considered trying to hike the entire trail.  However, this summer I decided to start section hiking the Long Trail. The motivation finally came from Cheryl Stayed's memoir Wild, which inspired me to contemplate the idea of hiking on my own. After a lot of research and consulting with Carol Irish, who celebrated her 50th birthday by thru-hiking the trail solo, I have set out to section hike the Long Trail. 

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A Day in the Life with Fungi Ally

"Mushrooms as decomposers offer a great opportunity to grow amazing food while using resources that people don't want like sawdust from mills, or logs from foresters, or coffee grounds from coffee shops. Part of what drew me to fungi is the mystery associated around the kingdom. Not many people understand the critical role fungi play in our ecosystems and the potential benefits mushrooms can provide. What really intrigued me about this kingdom is not only their ability to provide food for humans but their role in medicine and remediation. Our name Fungi Ally comes from the idea that by allying with fungi we can improve our personal and ecological health. " - Willie Crosby

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Gang of Thieves at Church of Boston

The Gang of Thieves performed at The Church of Boston with Talking Shop and Rebel Alliance, a great show where I got hear new tunes from their latest EP, Mantra. Loved making some new photographs of these talented people and talking about the artist lifestyle.

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Ethiopia's Omo River Valley & Kenya's Lake Turkana

In August 2014 I had the opportunity to travel with Jane Baldwin to Ethiopia's Omo River Valley and Kenya's Lake Turkana to work as Jane's photography assistant.  My role was to assist and support Jane with her ten year project Kara Women Speak.  This gave me the opportunity to travel by boat to visit the indigenous communities that live along the Omo River and depend on the Omo River and Lake Turkana watershed. 

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Back Bay to Beacon Hill Portrait Session

Spring has begun to settle in the city, and to us creative types that means the outside world has once again become a bearable workspace! I photographed the charming Caitlin Hoey up and down stairwells, elevators, bridges and buildings with a mask, a scorpion lollipop and sparklers. From the Boston Public Library through Back Bay up to Beacon Hill, we worked until the sunset across the Charles River and dusk fell across the city.  

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Carolyn & Max Engagement Photoshoot

It was such a pleasure to photograph Carolyn & Max on Whiteface Mountain and in Lake Placid, NY. Carolyn & Max are both fellow Skidmore Alumni and I studied photography with Carolyn, so we had a lot of fun on this shoot. Check out some of Carolyn's photography here.

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