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Traveling on the T

There is an unspoken rule when traveling on public transportation: keep to yourself and keep quiet. I've lived in smaller communities for the majority of my life (Burlington, VT and Saratoga Springs, NY) and I've found that people look each other in the eye more often in these small communities. Whenever I'm in a big city, I feel the lack of engagement like fresh snow, everything is covered in a thin layer of concealment, but concealment that could easily be brushed away. I decided I'd try an experiment and break the silent rule. I approached people waiting for the T or in transit and asked them if I could take their portrait.

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We live in a time when we have the ability to document almost every aspect of our lives, but when does the documentation become more important than participation? I've always been someone who processes through various medias - I've even kept a journal since I was 12 (some of that should never be read again, wow was I annoying) - but as smart phones have become dominant, it seems like people sometimes hide behind their documentation to avoid having a connection. As a photographer, I am very aware of the documenting and image-making I conduct in my life. 

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Traveling can be helpful to think outside of the box. I often find that as I am brainstorming a location for a photoshoot, I am going off a short list, and things start to gain a similar quality. I wanted to create something with an unconventional composition and a different color scheme that I normally gravitate towards. Having access to a pool while I was in Culebra provided me with a perfect opportunity to explore a different scene.

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Island Life for a Week

In January I escaped from the extreme cold of Boston to go to Culebra, a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico. It was a wonderful getaway to enjoy with my family and boyfriend, Nick. When it comes to vacation, I've never been one to have trouble relaxing and I actually read 3 books - ah joy! I decided to leave my camera behind most days, but I (naturally) did document some of the trip. Most of these are photos of my family and Nick and various beautiful sights. Hope you enjoy!

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Stairwell Scene

I met with Katie a few weeks ago, and as we talked about some important experiences in her life. During her time at Skidmore, Katie played on the competitive soccer team and was also a studio art major. Both of these are incredibly time consuming and demanding, and trying to balance both often lead to conflict. I wanted to create an image that reflected this tension - the tension between fostering a team-oriented, physical side of herself or the internal, artistic counterpoint.

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Self Portrait in Nicaragua

While I was in Nicaragua working with Food 4 Farmers, I took a few self portraits in which I hoped to explore my emotions on the trip. 

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Kelli Connell Workshop at The Woodstock Center for Photography

Earlier this year I attended a two day workshop class at the Woodstock Center for Photography taught by Kelli Connell. I first was introduced to Kelli's work during my undergrad studies, and her series "Double Life" blew me away. Below are a few of my favorite images from her series.

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Liz & Jeremiah's Wedding

Liz & Jeremiah's elegant Vermont wedding.

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Portraits of Nora

While I was in Nicaragua, I became very good friends with Nora, a woman who was working at SOPPEXCCA. Marcela, Nora and I had dinner almost every night. I wanted to do a photoshoot with her where we explored some of her experiences in Nicaragua.

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Food 4 Farmers in Nicaragua - Part II

An important part of the work that Food 4 Farmers does for families is host information sessions. These sessions focus on seasonal hunger issues and discussions about life at home. The workshop I observed was about 4 hours long, and most of the women had traveled at least an hour to get to the class. At first the women were shy, but as the workshop progressed everyone seemed to relax.

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