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Alena & Eric's Wedding

"Alena, when I think of my life before I met you, it is as if I am watching an old black and white movie with grainy edges and muffled voices – the story is there but the colors and the clarity are lacking. Each day that I have been with you has vibrated with an electricity that sparks a passion for life. I love our silly banter, our spontaneity (and our planning!), our adventures in the city, the wilderness, and the coast, and our soul-nurturing partnership where we feed upon each other’s excitement for life. I promise to always listen with open ears, work to find compromise, and above all, be with you in laughter and joy." - Eric

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3,800 Miles: West American Road Trip

Cool, dark forests lead to baking hot dunes marked with shifting footprints, the temperature begins to drop as we hike continually upward and find feet of snow on the trail, the just-audible sound of swallows swoop overhead as the sun sets red behind distant mountains, and blue shadows creep across a deep canyon. Gas stations with the same salty snacks, drive-thru espresso shacks, street signs and open maps, a double yellow line that leads forward and people who make me smile. Around 3,800 miles and it was awesome.

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Cape Cod Photography VCS Encounter Week

The Vermont Commons School schedules three "Encounter Weeks" a year, and during these times students from all grades are mixed together to work on a project, hike in the mountains, or travel somewhere interesting. Encounter Weeks were some of the most important times for me when I attended the Vermont Commons School, so when I had the opportunity to lead a photography week in Cape Cod with Jess Redmond it was a done deal. 

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Traveling to Mexico + Guatemala was Amazing

My visit to Mexico + Guatemala with Food 4 Farmers was one full of inspiring stories, suiting up to visit bee hives, marveling at the natural beauty of the landscape, visiting families in their homes, walking through cities with my two companions Marcela & Luis, informational workshops, tasting the variety of honey products produced by farmers, and, of course, so many photographs.

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Off on an Adventure to Mexico + Guatemala!

A week from now I am so thrilled to embark on another trip with non-profit Food 4 Farmers, traveling to Mexico + Guatemala! Food 4 Farmers works in coffee communities to find constructive solutions to seasonal hunger for coffee farmers and their families. In 2013 I traveled to Nicaragua with co-founder Marcela Pino and was able to document and learn about their work with coffee co-op SOPPEXCCA, and see the beginning stages of their program. This time I'll be entering a later step in the process, visiting communities in Mexico + Guatemala that have been working with Food 4 Farmers for several years, and will be able to observe some of the ways this has impacted their daily lives. 

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Newborn Finn & New Mama Session

I first met Amanda in November when I photographed her for a maternity session in her home in Winooksi, Vermont. Visiting again, it was amazing to meet her happy, sleepy, hungry little newborn in the same space!

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Food 4 Farmers: Gallery Opening & A Trip to Mexico + Guatemala

On Friday, April 1st I will be hosting a Gallery Opening event at Uncommon Grounds Coffee & Tea in downtown Burlington, VT where my documentary Food 4 Farmers photographs are on display. Food 4 Farmers is a non-profit that works with coffee communities in Latin America to address the problem of chronic seasonal hunger. This exhibit offers a window into the daily lives of Nicaraguan coffee farmers and the powerful impact of their work. 

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Family Love & Four Beautiful Dogs

Catherine & Jesse invited me to join them on Valentine's Day to celebrate Robin's birthday and create some new family portraits. It had dropped down to -20 degrees the night before, but inside the home everyone was warm. This family knows how to have fun and really loves their dogs. 

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A Day in the Life with Ben & Jerry on the Campaign for Bernie Sanders in Boston

After a morning of interviews, Ben & Jerry held the world premiere of the “Bernie’s Yearning Sundae” on Boston’s own Newbury Street.  Outside of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream store, a large crowd gathered to sample the treat and show their support for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  The sundae is vanilla ice cream topped with a chocolate disk, meant to symbolize the concentration of wealth among the country’s highest earners.  To eat the sundae, you need to smash the chocolate disk and mix it into the ice cream, a delicious metaphor. Boston’s Metro newspaper announced the event, and used one my my images!

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A Day in the Life with Ben & Jerry on the Bernie Sanders Campaign in New Hampshire

"Ben and I have been constituents of Bernie for about 30 years. We've seen him first hand in action and he's been steadfast in working for veterans, students, seniors, and working class families. He's the only one who tells the truth about how our economy works.  The system is rigged to the advantage of the super wealthy and corporations. And he's the only one who is willing to take them on." - Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's

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