Julia Luckett Photography
Authentic Visual Storytelling



Photography is a medium that seemed to steadily creep into my life, until, at once, it became part of my mind’s eye. When surrounded by beauty, I find my hands twitching to adjust the aperture or searching for the most dynamic place to stand, in hopes that I might glimpse a sliver of the significance found in that moment. Art has always been a part of my life, and I find the more I observe or create, the more I must explore. For me, being an artist is living through a constantly adjusting lens, one that shows me illusions, uncertainty, and sometimes, truth.

I specialize in portraiture and photojournalism, drawing on the experiences of the model to create the image. From photographing an engagement photoshoot on the top of Whiteface Mountain to traveling abroad and focusing on untold stories, I capture authentic moments with beautiful compositions. 

My work has been featured in British Vogue, the Jules Maidoff Palazzo Gallery, The Schick Art Gallery, The Saisselin Art Center, The Eye Level Photography Show, The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum, CoffeeTalk Magazine, Metro Boston and The Wall Street Journal. I won the 2017 Most Promising Newcomer Award from the Vermont Professional Photographers Association, and an Artist Development Grant from the Vermont Arts Council. 

I am a coffee devotee, a candle-maker, a reading enthusiast, a film watcher and an explorer. Above all, my favorite moments consist of sharing conversation with a friend.