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Gillian & Michael's All Souls Shelburne Vermont Wedding

Gillian & Michael wanted their wedding to be a fabulous party, priorities being good food, good booze and a good band. "We knew we didn’t want to get caught up in the typical wedding planning stress, so we decided from the beginning to have fun with the planning and to not take anything too seriously. People remember the energy and not the details." 

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Rosy & Will's Free-Spirited Vermont Wedding

The invitation to their wedding featured an image of a cork from Robert Hooke's 1665 book "Micrographia," notable as the first book to show illustrations seen through a microscope. I've always been a bit of a bibliophile, so it was a particularly delicious moment for me when I was able to photograph their rings and invitation along with an original copy of this historic volume.

For other couples planning a wedding (or two), Rosy's advises, "It is okay to be unconventional!"

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