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Gallery Opening Event at Maglianero

This past Friday I had my first real gallery opening at Maglianero in Burlington, VT! It was a fantastic night with a great crowd and in support of Food 4 Farmers.

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Gallery Opening at Maglianero

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be showing my Food 4 Farmers photographs June 28th - July 31st at the Karma Birdhouse Gallery at Maglianero Cafe! I'll be displaying 26 images from the series, and if you are in the Burlington, VT area, you are invited to the gallery opening from 5-7pm on Friday, July 18th.

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Let the Words Flow

Renata Davis Photoshoot.

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Sky & Anna: 4am after a Long Night

As part of my photography series I have been interviewing some of my friends about some of the crux moments in their lives. A moment in which an event or a realization occurs, and you can't go back to the person you were the day before. Skylar and Anna shared a really beautiful moment of their's with me, and I re-interpreted it into this scene and stuck myself into it! To show you a bit of the process, I thought I'd include the shots I took while setting up the scene.

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Skylar Kergil at The Egg for Breaking the Silence 2013 GLSEN

Skylar Kergil speaking at The Egg for GLSEN

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Pool Scene