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Portraits of Women in Mexico + Guatemala

Women never cease to amaze me with their strength, joy, and ability to overcome obstacles. Our lives may be different, but we all basically have the same goals: to provide for ourselves and our family, enjoy our lives, be healthy, eat good food, enjoy our friendships, and live comfortably. Women deserve all these things and more, and I hope these images inspire you to help make that world a reality. 

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Top 10 Favorite Moments of 2014

Highlights from 2014

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Gallery Opening at Maglianero

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be showing my Food 4 Farmers photographs June 28th - July 31st at the Karma Birdhouse Gallery at Maglianero Cafe! I'll be displaying 26 images from the series, and if you are in the Burlington, VT area, you are invited to the gallery opening from 5-7pm on Friday, July 18th.

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Food 4 Farmers in Nicaragua - Part I

This October I was lucky enough to travel to Nicaragua for two weeks to document the work of Food 4 Farmers. Food 4 Farmers is a non profit that focuses on addressing the problem of chronic seasonal hunger is Latin America. Coffee is a seasonal product, which means when it is no longer a time for harvest or growth, families must rely on what's left of their income from the coffee harvest, or their savings. Food 4 Farmers works with co-operatives and community-based organizations to help identify challenges, resources and strategies specific to the community and build long-term solutions to hunger. In order to accomplish this, Food 4 Farmers works with communities on Strategic Planning and Capacity AssessmentCommunity DiagnosisPartnerships and Alliances, and Monitoring and Evaluation. On this trip I travelled with Marcela Pino, co-director of Food 4 Farmers, to Jinotega where we worked with Soppexcca, a coffee co-op.

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