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3,800 Miles: The Video

My partner, Nick, and I spent 22 days on the road and travelled 3,800 miles across the West of the US earlier this year. Of course, I made lots of photographs along the way, but I also wanted to create a video experience from the journey. I hope you enjoy the (much abbreviated) version of the trip. 

Featuring: Conrad Dean, Callison Stratton, Kirby, Jesse Youngman, Samira Menghes, Akheil Singla and Butch Goette.

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3 for 15

Three minutes and thirty three seconds for 2015. Observations while on the long trail, finding precious creatures, moments with friends at cafes, book stores, thrift stores, celebrations in Boston, Vermont and Culebra.

Featuring Grandma, Audrey Benedetto, Nick Pierce, Sara Kassel, Abby Bowling, Cale Stoeffler, Adele Levine, Josh Pierce, 3 day old Calvin Pierce, Mom, Dad & Bear.

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Fiction Section

When friends come to visit, it means I have the opportunity to work with a model and create art. My good friend Audrey Benedetto of Everyone's Straight Until They're Not was thankfully up for the task during her recent visit to Boston. Audrey provided me with the chance to develop some of my videography skills while we ran around the city. Video features the song "Enthusiast" by Tours. 

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48 Hours in NYC: Magical People, Photography Shows, World Premier Film Screenings, & Photoshoots

Photoshoots, film openings, NYC.

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