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Self Portrait in a Pink Wig

I recently shot these photographs with Molly O'Reilly for my photography series, Anisocoria. You might recognize Molly from a photoshoot last year

Anisocoria is a series that dissects, re-imagines and re-enacts life changing moments. Each photograph is a dramatic retelling of a moment, with the subject from that moment a model in the image. I place myself into each image, sometimes playing a lead role, sometimes a supporter, claiming authorship of the story. 

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Red Lipstick & Hair Rollers

Self portrait on my relationship with femininity.

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Driftwood Intimacy

Two of my favorite photographers, Nan Goldin and Kelli Connell, focus on intimacy in their work. The more I study their images, the more I feel their work touches on the elusive quality that surrounds friendship and love. This summer I wanted to create a photograph for Anisocoria that touched on my own experience with intimacy.

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Spring has arrived and I have been itching to make some more images for Anisocoria. This winter I've done a couple photoshoots for the series, but most of my ideas have needed an environment warm enough to stand in for more than 10 minutes at a time. But now that the weather is pleasant, I'm really excited and I've filled up my schedule with folks to interview! Stay tuned to see portraits of everyone I know.

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AIPAD & Portraits of Jen

Last April I went to NYC to visit friends and go to the AIPAD photography show, and I'm pretty sure this might become a lifelong tradition. AIPAD is such a thrill - the world's best photography galleries display their best photographs. Most people at the show attend to purchase these photographs, anything from $1,000 - $60,000, and then there all of the photography geeks who wander around drooling.

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We live in a time when we have the ability to document almost every aspect of our lives, but when does the documentation become more important than participation? I've always been someone who processes through various medias - I've even kept a journal since I was 12 (some of that should never be read again, wow was I annoying) - but as smart phones have become dominant, it seems like people sometimes hide behind their documentation to avoid having a connection. As a photographer, I am very aware of the documenting and image-making I conduct in my life. 

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Traveling can be helpful to think outside of the box. I often find that as I am brainstorming a location for a photoshoot, I am going off a short list, and things start to gain a similar quality. I wanted to create something with an unconventional composition and a different color scheme that I normally gravitate towards. Having access to a pool while I was in Culebra provided me with a perfect opportunity to explore a different scene.

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Stairwell Scene

I met with Katie a few weeks ago, and as we talked about some important experiences in her life. During her time at Skidmore, Katie played on the competitive soccer team and was also a studio art major. Both of these are incredibly time consuming and demanding, and trying to balance both often lead to conflict. I wanted to create an image that reflected this tension - the tension between fostering a team-oriented, physical side of herself or the internal, artistic counterpoint.

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Self Portrait in Nicaragua

While I was in Nicaragua working with Food 4 Farmers, I took a few self portraits in which I hoped to explore my emotions on the trip. 

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Kelli Connell Workshop at The Woodstock Center for Photography

Earlier this year I attended a two day workshop class at the Woodstock Center for Photography taught by Kelli Connell. I first was introduced to Kelli's work during my undergrad studies, and her series "Double Life" blew me away. Below are a few of my favorite images from her series.

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