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Ian & Kelli's Romantic Wedding

Ian & Kelli married on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at their home in Charlton, NY.  An exceptional day, it's best described by the bride.

"When I think back to our wedding day, which still seems like yesterday, I am filled with the most vivid dreamlike feeling. We got married right in our yard—every single day when I leave for work and when I come back home, I can feel and hear the magical chatter of our wedding day. 

I remember my best friend Sophie holding me tight before I stepped into my wedding dress, my hands trembling as she so gently wiped tears from my eyes. I felt like a little girl and all grown up in the same moment. 

I remember my stepmother grabbing my hand and saying, "You ready?" as she opened the front door and my heart pounded with a strange combination of excitement, fear, and happiness—and then calm.

I remember the second I stepped outside that door, looking at Ian and seeing nothing else. Even though I had nearly two hundred sets of eyes on me, I was aware of nothing else but us. US. For the first time, the reality of our unity hit me. The entire ceremony proceeded, and I couldn't tell you one word of what was said—I just locked eyes with my love, and the world disappeared. 

I remember walking through a sea of bubbles after we said "I do," aware of all of the beautiful souls who journeyed near and far to share this moment with us. 

I remember dancing with my father, listening to the lyrics of "In My Daughter's Eyes" and feeling my mom's spirit right by our side, dancing and singing along in her tiny voice like a bell. 

I remember thinking that the amount of feelings I had inside that day was enough to fill ten bodies, but I only had one. 

I am so full of joy knowing that each and every day, Ian and I have these beautiful memories to look back on, but with each day we make new ones. Our wedding exceeded our dreams, but I think the most beautiful part is that it was our beginning." - Kelli