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John & Debbie's Winter Wedding at the Shoreham Inn

John & Debbie married on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at the Shoreham Inn in Shoreham, VT. A wonderful, intimate celebration a few days into the new year, it still felt like the holiday season with strings of lights illuminating the rooms and boughs decorating the historic Inn. 

"John and I had been together for nine years and decided to get married, really as a gesture. Neither of us realized that it would be much more than that. After having had a long term commitment to one another, getting married deepened that commitment and expression of our love. We became an us, in addition to being John and Debbie. And all of our children joined to become a family. The wedding was small, including only immediate family members. It was warm and intimate and love truly filled the rooms!

Thank you for your participation in this event - your photography conveyed the sentiments of the day, and with your very light touch, captured the aesthetic beauty. You've given us a wonderful way to revisit this lovely day!" - Debbie

It was a joy to be part of the intimate celebration and capture their union.