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Sam's Mitzvah

One of the first events I photographed solo was Jacob Barr's Mitzvah in 2013. Three years later, I reunited with the family to photograph their youngest son, Sam, and celebrate his Mitzvah at the Congregation Shaara Tfille in Saratoga Springs. To be present when a boy becomes man, recognized as such because he has reached the point in his life and studies that he is able to know the differences between right and wrong without the guidance of parents, is a quietly resonant experience.

"Becoming a bar mitzvah is one among many milestones in a Jewish man's life. As a mother, I am filled with mixed emotions.  My boys aren't babies anymore, but I am joyful that they've each reached this stage and filled with pride at the young men they are becoming. The photos you took encapsulate that so beautifully." - Renee, Sam's mother

It was a joy to visit with the Barr family and celebrate Sam's accomplishment.