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Alena & Eric's Wedding

Alena & Eric married on Saturday, June 25, 2016 at the family cottage in Southold, NY. Clue blue skies reflected in blue waters and the intimate wedding was peppered with new traditions and touching musical performances. One of my favorite moments from the day include when, just after the ceremony, Eric literally swept Alena off her feet and carried her to a canoe and the two of them enjoyed a private paddle on the water. 

I was impressed by how sincere both Alena & Eric are together and the nurturing bond they share. You can hear it in their vows (from which I've taken a small excerpt), 

"Alena, when I think of my life before I met you, it is as if I am watching an old black and white movie with grainy edges and muffled voices – the story is there but the colors and the clarity are lacking. Each day that I have been with you has vibrated with an electricity that sparks a passion for life. I love our silly banter, our spontaneity (and our planning!), our adventures in the city, the wilderness, and the coast, and our soul-nurturing partnership where we feed upon each other’s excitement for life. I promise to always listen with open ears, work to find compromise, and above all, be with you in laughter and joy."

"Eric, I was struck by your handsome charm, intelligence, joy, and kindness so much that (among many other texts I sent and phone calls I made to family members and friends) I sent my dear friend, Joelle, a text that week which read, “I’m in love with a third grade teacher.” I listened to one of your albums I found online night after night, hoping and wishing that we’d be together and here we are. After asking you to come out to the winery that weekend and waiting for hours for you to show up, after many laughs, crafting meals in the kitchen, unforgettable adventures, listening to and playing music together, the most thoughtful and wonderful proposal, making a beautiful home, and not to mention a long year apart on opposite coasts, here we are getting married. The world shines brighter and feels lighter with you next to me.  You bring out my best and help me to cherish each and every moment of life. I promise to be good to you, to support and hold you through the happiest and saddest of times. I promise to be faithful and loyal and to be with you for as long as we shall live. May our love never fade and only grow stronger through our journey together."

I wish these two lovebirds all the best in their life together.

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