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Kaitlyn & Craig Autumn Love

Walking along the river in Waltham, MA and up to a lookout over Boston, Kaitlyn & Craig got one of those perfect autumn days for their engagement photoshoot. 

"My fiancé Craig and I had such a blast working with Julia to take our engagement photos. I am fortunate enough to have known Julia when we were both students at Skidmore College, so when she reached out to me after we announced our engagement I was so delighted to have someone I knew and respected do our engagement photos. The entire shoot, Julia was incredibly professional but made sure Craig and I relaxed and loosened up: I couldn't help but notice after the photos came back that in almost every one we're laughing, because we were just having a good time and enjoying spending time with Julia.

Craig and I have been inseparable since we met in Boston in 2012. The bond we forged over our mutual love of superhero movies, breakfast, and craft beer has at times been tempered by the challenges of distance and departmental funding. But, it has stayed strong thanks to our commitment to one another and our life together (and also puppies!), which we are excited to continue." - Kaitlyn

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