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Flour & Air


I interviewed a good friend of mine a few weeks ago, and we spent one late afternoon sharing stories and experiences that changed our lives. The main thread I took from all of the stories she shared with me, is her ability to change her life dramatically and take chances. I wanted to create a scene where I could show her fearlessness and ability to leap into the unknown.


I took a few practice shots, then we went right into the full shoot and almost two bags of flour.


As part of the series, I put myself into the background of the image as an addition to the scene, and continued to confuse anyone walking by and dust the parking lot.


I am someone who certainly uses photoshop, but for the purpose of making small improvements to an image and general processing. My personal motto with photography is to create images that rely on photography, not photoshop. But, very rarely, I have to use photoshop to make the photo. In this case I would have needed two more of me to throw flour and operate the camera, and I was able to set up my camera in a way that I could layer one image right on top of the other.


This last one will be the final image I will use for the series. Big thanks to my friend for letting me be the crazy person I am and throw flour everywhere.