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Pool Scene

 photo _DSC0029FP_zps859d2aec.jpg I've been trying to plan this particular shoot for a long time now, and I was so excited when my friends let me buy them beer and pool and then step in and let me direct them. So thankful to everyone to helped me get these photos!

 photo _DSC0067FP_zpsf8f398f6.jpg

The image below is this one I went into the shoot knowing I wanted to get, and you can see the same scene with two different models and myself.

 photo _DSC0076FP_zps62392f90.jpg

 photo _DSC0094FP_zps0b4c5878.jpg

This is the image I will most likely add to the new series.

 photo _DSC0104FP_zpscbf4a1af.jpg

 photo _DSC0108_zps94918630.jpg

 photo _DSC0105FP_zps30e3e2ff.jpg

 photo _DSC0127FP_zps0910098c.jpg

 photo _DSC0145FP_zps48f05f41.jpg

I thought this one was fairly successful as well.

 photo _DSC0164FP_zpsdc5601e4.jpg

Let me know what you think!