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As a step to clear away all of the clutter of images I have collected this summer, I welcome you to the longest post ever. Yes, I am just tossing everything in here, with only some vain attempts at keeping categories and places straight. Days in the Art Studio.

Exploring Thrift Stores.

Walks around parks and finding reflections.

And this is just from ages ago, but I like for some odd reason. It is very simple, and calm.

And great nights.

Wandering around deserted halls of buildings and finding scenes like this.

Favorite Necklaces.

Museums, Aquariums, Zoos.

(Coolest turtles ever)

Exploring cities.


Puppy Love.

My first baseball game (Phillies).

Friends, bracelets, and music.


Street Art and signs.

Longest. Post. Ever.