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Artist Development Grant

I am proud to say that I am a recipient of an Artist Development Grant offered by the Vermont Arts Council! I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue investing in my business and art. 

To work as an artist is also to be a small business owner. I manage the accounts, paperwork, website, mailings, supplies, schedule, events, clients and then I get to make the art.  I am constantly learning new skills, some of which are fun to learn (revisiting Spanish) and others are not (Quickbooks), but the long hours are completely worth it. 

This might be a better way to describe the balancing act of art and business:

I recently attended a class sponsored by the Vermont Arts Council called “Breaking into Business.” I would suggest this class to any artist hoping to improve or start their business. I’ve been working as a photographer for a few years, so some of the information presented by our excellent lecturers was review, but context made all the difference.  My time was spent engaging with useful resources and a class full of dedicated artists. It’s always hard to carve out the time to attend a class, but it’s usually well-spent and extremely valuable – from understanding day-to-day time management to why I need updated business cards. 

To me, being a small business owner is all about consistency. The steady pursuit of goals helps me create meaningful art. 

Also, big thank you to the Shelburne News who ran an article on me

Click on the photo to read the article.

Click on the photo to read the article.

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