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Rosy & Will's Springtime Wedding

"Both of our favorite parts of the wedding was how our immediate families came together and seemed to really enjoy spending time with each other, despite some folks not having met each other yet... and the food and weather were awesome! Plus, there is something special about what happens visually at the end of April, with buds and flowers just starting to come out. It is a beautiful time of the year." - Rosy

1,000 Miles: East Coast American Road Trip

The sun rises on the eastern tip of Acadia National Park and orange light floods the world. Salty spray, daisy-filled fields, sun-soaked walks in Somerville, climbing up stratum-filled mountains, oysters, breweries and book stores. An eight day road trip around New England with my partner, Nick, proved most enjoyable.

Portrait Session with Kelsey Bradley

 "I work one-on-one with new and small nonprofit leaders to help them get their organizations on track to success. An important part of this new venture is building a community of nonprofit leaders who feel ignored and alone in their mission to positively impact the world." - Kelsey Bradley

Mexico + Guatemala Photo Book

The first edition of my photography book, Mexico + Guatemala with Food 4 Farmers, features photographs from my travels with Food 4 Farmers. The book includes an interview between myself and Marcela Pino, my travel companion and co-founder of Food 4 Farmers, discussing the programs, stories, and successes. 

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Dancing with Dsantos

"Last summer is when we decided to officially go into business together, but we have been dancing together for about 3 years. We actually are one day apart in age and went through school together but, we never really got to know each other until we danced on the salsa team. Now we get to create choreography, teach Latin dance, and eat dinner together! " - Jon Bacon

Submerged with Amira, Emma & Wayne

Upside down, sideways, and oxygen-deprived  - there's nothing else quite like photographing underwater. Most the normal rules of creating a photograph are thrown out the window because the rules of physical space are completely different.

Gang of Thieves on the Work Together Tour

" Volunteering in each city has been such a great experience.  It's awesome to be doing something that makes a difference in these communities in between our shows.  So far we've helped out at numerous food banks, a Habitat for Humanity Site, and an Animal shelter.  At Habitat for Humanity we had a blast helping build homes for those in need, we could really see the impact our work would make on their life.  That being said, we'd be lying if we didn't say that hanging out with a bunch of cute little cats and dogs at the Richmond Animal League was our favorite experience." - Tobin Salas of the Gang of Thieves

Portraits of Women in Mexico + Guatemala

Women never cease to amaze me with their strength, joy, and ability to overcome obstacles. Our lives may be different, but we all basically have the same goals: to provide for ourselves and our family, enjoy our lives, be healthy, eat good food, enjoy our friendships, and live comfortably. Women deserve all these things and more, and I hope these images inspire you to help make that world a reality. 

A Walk in the Woods with Adrea Peters

"Every character, like every person, is the hero of their story. No matter how terrible it gets, triumph awaits. Always. Without fail. I wish people knew that more acutely. The mess is good! The hard shit is what lifts you to the better shit! If only we celebrated that more... imagine how extraordinary life could be..."

John & Debbie's Winter Wedding at the Shoreham Inn

"John and I had been together for nine years and decided to get married, really as a gesture. Neither of us realized that it would be much more than that. After having had a long term commitment to one another, getting married deepened that commitment and expression of our love. We became an us, in addition to being John and Debbie. And all of our children joined to become a family. The wedding was small, including only immediate family members. It was warm and intimate and love truly filled the rooms!" - Debbie