Marikje & Steve's 1920s Inspired Wedding

Marikje & Steve married in Jericho, Vermont on Saturday, September 26, 2015. A truly unique wedding, Marikje & Steve had their guests dress in the styles of the 1920s as a full moon rose to the sky. Flapper dresses, fizzy drinks, sauces by It's Arthur's Fault, food trucks and many serenades made it a day to remember.


Jocelyn & Colin's Fall Wedding

"The most emotional moment of the day for Colin and I was directly after the ceremony, when we spent a little time alone with each other. We had both worked so hard to make this our perfect day, and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day. But when the time came and the moment was really upon us, it seemed to flash before our eyes. It wasn't until we were able to sit together for the first time as husband and wife and really let the day sink in. After the ceremony, we read our vows to each other which reflected on the day, as well as the time we have spent together over the last 5 years." - Jocelyn

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On the Long Trail: Camels Hump to Taylor Lodge

Growing up in northern Vermont, the Long Trail was a constant presence in my life.  Friends and parents of friends would share their stories of hiking the trail. Looking at the horizon, I could trace its winding path. Like many Vermonters, I am familiar with overnight hiking trips and what the weight of a 40 pound backpack feels like (terrible), but I never considered trying to hike the entire trail.  However, this summer I decided to start section hiking the Long Trail. The motivation finally came from Cheryl Stayed's memoir Wild, which inspired me to contemplate the idea of hiking on my own. After a lot of research and consulting with Carol Irish, who celebrated her 50th birthday by thru-hiking the trail solo, I have set out to section hike the Long Trail. 


Michael & Sarah Family Portrait

Michael, Sarah & Maddie make a really cute family.


Family Night with Mark & Susan

"What has surprised me most in raising three boys is just how different each child is. One is cautious while another is fearless. One is highly analytical while another is deeply imaginative. Etc.  They are who they are, and all we can really do as parents is love, nurture and help guide them on their own path.  It's pretty awesome." - Mark