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A Day in the Life at the Vermont Commons School

The Vermont Commons School is not your average high school. Now accepting 6th through 12th grade, the school is all about community, rigorous academics and engaging students with the world. I was very lucky to spend my high school years at VCS. Highlights from VCS include enjoying science class, writing fully researched 15 page papers, backpacking around New England, tracking wolves in Yellowstone Nation Park and swimming with dolphins in Belize. 

I had the pleasure of documenting what a day in the life at VCS looks like now, and it's still awesome.

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Gang of Thieves at Church of Boston

The Gang of Thieves performed at The Church of Boston with Talking Shop and Rebel Alliance, a great show where I got hear new tunes from their latest EP, Mantra. Loved making some new photographs of these talented people and talking about the artist lifestyle.

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Self Portrait in a Pink Wig

I recently shot these photographs with Molly O'Reilly for my photography series, Anisocoria. You might recognize Molly from a photoshoot last year

Anisocoria is a series that dissects, re-imagines and re-enacts life changing moments. Each photograph is a dramatic retelling of a moment, with the subject from that moment a model in the image. I place myself into each image, sometimes playing a lead role, sometimes a supporter, claiming authorship of the story. 

This is my re-imagining of a moment Molly shared with me. See more from the series here

Dan & Bekah Saint Joseph's Abbey Wedding

Dan & Bekah married on Sunday, July 19th at Saint Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA.  I believe this was the first marriage ever performed at the Abbey, as it has been home to a community of devout Trappist monks since 1950. 

"One of my favorite moments was the five minutes of alone time we had - just the two of us - immediately following the ceremony.  This allowed us time to simply enjoy the fact that we were now married.  It also allowed Julia to capture the most touching moment of the entire day, complete with tears and laughter."  - Bekah

Not surprisingly, this was one of my favorite moments as well. 

"The thing I enjoyed most about looking through Julia's photographs was the chance to be reminded of all the things that had happened that day.  I smiled, laughed, and cried throughout the viewing process.  Most importantly, I found myself saying, "Oh, that's right, I forgot that had happened!"  I am grateful to have all of the special moments captured in such a beautiful way. " - Bekah 

I loved exploring Saint Joseph's Abbey with Dan & Bekah, as well documenting all the emotional, funny and beautiful moments of the day! Best wishes to these lovebirds.

To view all the photographs from the wedding, click here

Abby with Flowers in her Hair

Portrait session with Abby Bowling in Boston. 

"I enjoy having long hair right now - it's definitely something that makes me feel like I fit in, which can be a relief at times. I'm planning on donating my hair after it gets a bit longer, which I think will coincide with me striking out on my own a bit more. I have to say, though, that it is really fun to have flowers in my hair! I think there should be more of an occasion for that in my life." - Abby