Dan & Bekah Saint Joseph's Abbey Wedding

Dan & Bekah married on Sunday, July 19th at Saint Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, MA.  I believe this was the first marriage ever performed at the Abbey, as it has been home to a community of devout Trappist monks since 1950. 

"One of my favorite moments was the five minutes of alone time we had - just the two of us - immediately following the ceremony.  This allowed us time to simply enjoy the fact that we were now married.  It also allowed Julia to capture the most touching moment of the entire day, complete with tears and laughter."  - Bekah

Not surprisingly, this was one of my favorite moments as well. 

"The thing I enjoyed most about looking through Julia's photographs was the chance to be reminded of all the things that had happened that day.  I smiled, laughed, and cried throughout the viewing process.  Most importantly, I found myself saying, "Oh, that's right, I forgot that had happened!"  I am grateful to have all of the special moments captured in such a beautiful way. " - Bekah 

I loved exploring Saint Joseph's Abbey with Dan & Bekah, as well documenting all the emotional, funny and beautiful moments of the day! Best wishes to these lovebirds.

To view all the photographs from the wedding, click here

Abby with Flowers in her Hair

Portrait session with Abby Bowling in Boston. 

"I enjoy having long hair right now - it's definitely something that makes me feel like I fit in, which can be a relief at times. I'm planning on donating my hair after it gets a bit longer, which I think will coincide with me striking out on my own a bit more. I have to say, though, that it is really fun to have flowers in my hair! I think there should be more of an occasion for that in my life." - Abby

Jocelyn & Colin Boston Engagement

Copley Square to the Charles River, I spent a few hours photographing Jocelyn & Colin and talking about life, love and relationships. 

"To us, marriage does not have a specific meaning, it's more of the result of love and hard work. To not just support each other through life's challenges, but to help evolve to be a better person every day. And with that, our love for each other grows.  Marriage has an infinite amount of sides; from quirky situations to feeling like a child and an adult at the same time. After being best friends for over five years, we have shared every side imaginable. We can't wait to go through even more the wonderful and weird sides of marriage." - Jocelyn & Colin

These two are getting married in the fall, and I couldn't be happier for them!

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Modern Queer Romance: Unapologetic with Love

Meet Cale Stoeffler & Adele Levine, a queer couple in Boston. I spent an evening wandering around Jamaica Plain with these two passionate, funny and down to earth people. I asked them what their experience has been like dating in the queer/trans community. 


"One of my biggest fears when I first decided to transition was that it would negatively affect my relationships and that I would be unlovable. I had internalized transphobia that came from the many messages we get in our culture about what it means to be trans.

Instead, I found myself to have had my best relationships, romantic and platonic, since coming out as trans 5 years ago. Since coming out I have been able to focus on slowly figuring out not only my own gender identity and expression, but it has allowed me to find people who have loved me for who I am throughout that process. I do my best to live an unapologetic lifestyle, and that has absolutely shaped the relationships I've sought out. I chose to be in relationships with people who are also queer and/or trans and I've realized that solidarity in shared queer experiences and a flexibility with gendered expectations are very important to me. There is something so beautiful and empowering about being unapologetically in love as a trans person in our society; I feel incredibly fortunate."


“I struggle to speak to an experience “dating” in the “queer/trans” “community” because...what even are any of those. My current strategy involves seeking out folks who agree with my (tentative, dynamic) definitions of those words: people who are dedicated to developing intentional, anti-oppressive relationships and spaces in which we can learn, love, rage, and care for each other. Sometimes we mush our faces together! Sometimes we don’t! It’s also important to note that my freedom to pursue the aforementioned endeavor is intricately tied to power – e.g. race, class, citizenship status, to name a few.

A large proportion of my partners, friends, and lovers also identify as queer or trans (although I don’t use those terms synonymously), because explaining my shit is TIRING // A PROJECT // sometimes I just need babes with whom I can bracket the hetero- and cis-normative whackness. Close to 100% of them identify with radical politics and expend their time, energy, brainspace and/or bodyspace in support of anti-racist, -classist, -sexist, -transphobic, -ableist projects.  In sum, I express love for my community in myriad ways!”

Of course I couldn't resist making portraits of these two. Here are my favorites from our stroll.

Lake Champlain Chocolates on Lake Champlain

Everyone knows and loves Lake Champlain Chocolates, a Burlington-based company whose gourmet chocolate is enjoyed around the world.  I spent a beautiful night aboard the Spirit of the Ethan Allen photographing their annual company employee party.  I got some great photographs, and enjoyed seeing a company that really appreciates their community.