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Entrepreneurs, artists and creative types: we are people who have a craft and love to use it. Communicating your craft, however, can be quite a challenge.  Most creative types spend their time on developing and focusing their skill, not selling it.  Want to see an artist crumble under pressure? Just ask them to show you their process.

My favorite photoshoots are those where I get to help an artist tell their story. The whole day is spent immersed in another person’s creative world, concentrating the many facets of their work into a storytelling, evocative image. It's about photographing the process of creation and expression holistically until we find that which represents the art and artist. Having photographs and video to show your unique quality, voice and craft is crucial for telling your story. 


Above I have my new Portrait & A Day in the Life guide for entrepreneurs and artists.  Your art deserves to have its story told - get in touch to schedule a time.

Below is a slideshow of A Day in the Life with Skylar Kergil.

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When friends come to visit, it means I have the opportunity to work with a model and create art. My good friend Audrey Benedetto of Everyone's Straight Until They're Not was thankfully up for the task during her recent visit to Boston. Audrey provided me with the chance to develop some of my videography skills while we ran around the city. Video features the song "Enthusiast" by Tours. 

Special thank you to Audrey Benedetto, Nick Pierce, Abby Bowling and Aron Meinhardt for all your help. 

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Ethiopia's Omo River Valley & Kenya's Lake Turkana

In August 2014 I had the opportunity to travel with Jane Baldwin to Ethiopia's Omo River Valley and Kenya's Lake Turkana to work as Jane's photography assistant.  My role was to assist and support Jane with her ten year project Kara Women Speak.  This gave me the opportunity to travel by boat to visit the indigenous communities that live along the Omo River and depend on the Omo River and Lake Turkana watershed. 

The indigenous people of this region face a threat to their way of life as the Gibe III dam becomes operational, which will dramatically reduce their access to water. 

The images presented here are photographs I took working as Jane's assistant. They provide a view into the lives of the extraordinary people who live on the Omo River. 

I'll be sharing stories and impressions from the trip, so stay tuned!  For more information check out this page

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Back Bay to Beacon Hill Portrait Session

Spring has begun to settle in the city, and to us creative types that means the outside world has once again become a bearable workspace! I photographed the charming Caitlin Hoey up and down stairwells, elevators, bridges and buildings with a mask, a scorpion lollipop and sparklers. From the Boston Public Library through Back Bay up to Beacon Hill, we worked until the sunset across the Charles River and dusk fell across the city.