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Roadside Chats & Underwater Photographs in Culebra, PR

A few photographs from my recent trip to Culebra, PR. I finally had the chance to use my underwater camera rig and see what that felt like (very difficult), and I am happy with the results. It's always good to attempt your craft in an entirely new way, and it was exciting to learn about light and motion through water. Included are some images of the kind locals I met and a bit of the island scenery.

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3 for 15

Three minutes and thirty three seconds for 2015. Observations while on the long trail, finding precious creatures, moments with friends at cafes, book stores, thrift stores, celebrations in Boston, Vermont and Culebra.

Featuring Grandma, Audrey Benedetto, Nick Pierce, Sara Kassel, Abby Bowling, Cale Stoeffler, Adele Levine, Josh Pierce, 3 day old Calvin Pierce, Mom, Dad & Bear.


Intimate Maternity Photographs with Amanda Young

It was a joy to photograph Amanda Young of Shanti Mama Wellness on a warm afternoon and celebrate her beautiful mama body. We chatted about her experience as a Doula, traveling with an open heart, and our shared love of being included in important moments in people's lives through our work. 


Kaitlyn & Craig Autumn Love

"Craig and I have been inseparable since we met in Boston in 2012. The bond we forged over our mutual love of superhero movies, breakfast, and craft beer has at times been tempered by the challenges of distance and departmental funding. But, it has stayed strong thanks to our commitment to one another and our life together (and also puppies!), which we are excited to continue." - Kaitlyn