Will & Ruby's Winter Solstice Elopement

"We chose to celebrate our marriage on the winter solstice to create a glowing memory to brighten the shortest and darkest day of the year. The lake and Charlotte beach hold a wistful and romantic place in both of lives. We could not have picked a more memorable and moving time, place and photographer to engrave this moment into our memory." - Will


Ian & Kelli's Romantic Wedding

"When I think back to our wedding day, which still seems like yesterday, I am filled with the most vivid dreamlike feeling. We got married right in our yard—every single day when I leave for work and when I come back home, I can feel and hear the magical chatter of our wedding day. 

I remember my best friend Sophie holding me tight before I stepped into my wedding dress, my hands trembling as she so gently wiped tears from my eyes. I felt like a little girl and all grown up in the same moment. 

I remember my stepmother grabbing my hand and saying, "You ready?" as she opened the front door and my heart pounded with a strange combination of excitement, fear, and happiness—and then calm."

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Women's March in Boston

Girls Just Want to Have Fun-Damental Rights // My Birth Control Will Outlast Your Presidency // Smash the Patriarchy // Stronger Together // Hitler Was Elected Too // I'm Not Usually a Sign Guy But Geez // Trump's Lies Matter // So Bad, Even Introverts are Here // The Future is Nasty // I've Seen Better Cabinets at IKEA // Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate; Only Love Can Do That // We Go High


Sam's Mitzvah

"Becoming a bar mitzvah is one among many milestones in a Jewish man's life. As a mother, I am filled with mixed emotions.  My boys aren't babies anymore, but I am joyful that they've each reached this stage and filled with pride at the young men they are becoming. The photos you took encapsulate that so beautifully." - Renee, Sam's mother


Kait & Craig's Traditional Scottish Wedding in Vermont

"Getting to write our own vows was a very emotional process for us, so when it came time to actually say the words out loud to each other in front of our family and friends it was a really powerful moment. Looking into each other's eyes and speaking directly to one another while the entire room was just overflowing with love for us, and happiness and hope for our future together... It still chokes me up a little just thinking about it. I'll always keep those words somewhere safe so that when I need to remind myself of what our marriage was founded on I can call them up and go back to that beautiful moment we had together in front of our loved ones." - Kait